Thursday, August 31, 2017

.-= BUY MORE ART! =-.

Hey, loyal JSVB readers, provided that any have remained... 

I apologize for the big gap in JSVB posts.  I'll get going again around Labour Day.  I've got some material on solar eclipses, friends, and football coming up, and never mind that it will be days and weeks later than the rest of the Internet.  It still ought to be pretty good.

So as a news update, you good folks should know that I had some big trouble with my work computer, and it had to go to the shop for repairs.  Who knew that naked gambling torrent sites had so much malware?  Apparently, Interpol is sending me some sort of achievement medallion for having one of every known virus on my hard drive.

The failure was slow enough that I could back up all of my important art files and they are all safe.  I have a couple of paying clients who will soon be looking for their projects for me:  the good news is that I will be sending your stuff soon!  I guess JSVB readers do pay attention to my "BUY MORE ART" page.  

Anyways, pay attention to this space, and I will resume blogging soon.